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I'm an engineer. house plans

I work in Revit since 2008

I live and work in the city of Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Ready to work remotely.

I am ready for constant cooperation, we are planning to move with the family to the USA soon.

Some examples of my work in the application.


I execute the sections of project documentation:home plans

In the REVIT program:

Preliminary design

Architectural solutions

Reinforced concrete constructions

Metal constructions

Wooden constructions 

Calculations in Robot Structural Analysis

Design in Revit and Tekla
Design of architectural construction solutions

Our company was founded in 2001. The main activity of the company-design of country houses and cottages, industrial, industrial buildings, administrative household buildings, agricultural buildings.
Extensive experience in the design of dairy farms, buildings made of metal.
The main reason for the stability of the company is that we always strive for mutual understanding with the Customer, do not shy away from correcting our mistakes and try to make our work bring joy to people.
Our task is to simplify the process of individual construction for the customer. We perform a full cycle of work on the design of a country house, which allows the customer to deal with only one contractor.
The company designs wooden houses, stone houses made of foam blocks and bricks, combined houses.
The staff of the design Department will help to design your house, engineers of the design and estimate Department-to choose materials, specialists in engineering networks will equip it with the necessary equipment, designers will make the design project of finishing. And all this will be implemented by the construction Department of the company.
Turnkey design by one contractor-it saves energy, time and money.
Architectural and construction designranch style house

  • Architectural solution
  • Constructive solution
  • Reinforced concrete structures
  • Metal structures
  • Metal detailing structures
  • Wooden constructions

All design of structures of buildings, which we are engaged in, meets the requirements of existing regulations, all construction GOST And rules. At the disposal of our employees the latest computer systems designed for computer-aided design. Design complexes, through which the design of the most complex structures and structures.
We are the experience in the construction industry, human and material resources to perform the tasks set by the client. Thanks to a single process management, we are able to minimize the cost of the customer to implement the project. Even when it comes to the construction design of buildings of non-standard structures and their construction, requiring individual engineering solutions, we provide high quality of work and compliance with the terms prescribed in the contract.
We deliver sets of project documentation for Belarus, Russia, USA, Sweden and EU countries.
We carry out sections of the project documentation programs:

  • REVIT since 2008: Preliminary design Architectural solutions, Design solutions, Structures concrete Structures metal Structures metal Structures wooden details.
  • Tekla since 2011: Constructive solutions of Structures concrete Structures metal Structures metal Structures wooden details.


  • Residential and multi-storey buildings.
  • Cottages and low-rise private construction.
  • Industrial and industrial buildings.
  • Administrative household buildings.

Advantages of our projects:

1) Low metal content (usually lower by 20% -30% of serial solutions) due to spatial calculations. SAVING 10kg per m2 of building area you get 1000 m2, saving $20,000
2) execution of a direct project of metal structures KM with their detailed drawings KMD in a special 3D program.
3) Detail drawings allow you to immediately start manufacturing structures.


1. Construction area
2. Total area for KM or tonnage for KMD
3. Most please specify the time if the project is urgent.
4. Your cost and terms, if you need only KMD